Joseph Labisi Cinematographer

Joseph Labisi, is a Los Angeles and New York based Cinematographer and Photographer, who has shot over 600 music videos for artist ranging from the Rolling Stones to Nicki Minaj to Enrique Iglesias, has shot over 100 Commercial campaigns and Promos from clients ranging from Ford to Nesquick to Adidas, has lensed the opening sequence of Saturday Night Live and has had numerous mtv and bet awards granted to the videos he has shot.

Joseph attended the Academy of Art with intentions of becoming a Film Editor. Inspired by, and utilizing his DJ skills he perfected while playing The hottest clubs in Manhattan he decided to put his sense of timing and mood to use in the motion picture industry. However soon after enrolling things changed- being very visual by nature, and having a natural eye for composition he quickly gravitated towards the Cinematography/Photography track and soon after became one of the most sought after cinematographers in the school. He still however edits the occasional music video and cuts all of the montages for his reel.

In 2000, Before moving to L.A. and starting his professional career as a Director of Photography he first gained industry attention in 1999 by winning a Silver Clio for a Apple Computers spec commercial titled “An Instrument?”, which he directed and shot. The spot also was recognized for its artistry by the A.I.C.P. (Association of Independent Commercial Producers) Which placed the spot in the permanent Film and Video Archives of the NY MoMA.

Over the last 17 yrs Joseph has been nominated by the MVPA for Cinematography Of the Year twice and has had projects nominated for numerous others from MTV VMA’s, BET, and the MVPA Awards. In 2011 he won BET's Best Video of The Year at he "BET Awards", BET's "Hip-Hop Awards" Best Video, and was Nominated for a few MTV VMA's for the Video "Look at me now" by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes. Won 2104 MTV VMA for Best HipHop Video for Drake feat Lil Wayne "HYFR". Won 2105 MTV VMA for Best HipHop Video for Nicki Minaj "Anaconda". Recently Joseph has started doing more photography work as well, providing a more cohesive visual packaging strategy for artists and brands.

Joseph is currently represented by APA Agency in Beverly Hills, CA with agent Michael Kirschner.